Apr 092017

This is taken on the main drag through the small medieval town of Lourmarin. It’s a pretty sleepy place despite the tourist hordes descending upon the town. Cafes and restaurants like the one pictured here adorn the whole street.

friends strolling through lourmain provence france main street while couples dine and relax at streetside cafes

Nov 142012

I wish I could say I’ve named this photo after a great experience in Ristorante Barchetta, but I didn’t hop off the ferry in this village. It looks like a nice spot for a bite though, or an afternoon beer. From the ferry I saw this lady in the green dress on her phone, while the rest of the world rushed by her. I wondered if it was an important call or if she was just having a a chat. What do you think?

Women in a green dress talking on cell phone on street in front of restaurant with green mountains behind on Lake Como, Italy