Jan 092014

On my first day in Guatemala I was woken up by the intense heat. I’d spent the night sleeping surrounded by 3 fans but still woke up drenched with sweat. I took a shower, and set out to explore my new surroundings. After a quick lap of the island town of Flores, I flagged down a kid passing by in a launch and arranged to be taken on a tour. I took this shot as we returned to the boats after our first stop, a breathtaking hike to a viewpoint looking out over the Lago Peten Itza.

Two traditional launches or boats on the shores of lake petin itza, Guatemala

May 302013

My first stop on my boat trip was to visit a viewpoint overlooking the island city of Flores. I knew it would be up hill, but I didn’t know how far uphill. I was also shocked by the heat of the day as it was only about 9am. It was at this point that carrying my camera backpack was not going to work in this climate. My back was on fire.

After a hard slog up to the mirador, I concluded there wasn’t a lot to see, except for this view looking back at my temporary home. The hills in the background were all covered in dense jungle.

Flores,in Guatemla, seen from the mirador viewpoint.