Nov 122012

There was something kind of creepy about these run down unkempt gates in Piedmont. I tried to capture it here by setting the camera down low in the brambles across the road. I paid a price for this one as the thorny vines took hold of my leg causing me to jerk away. Probably the wost reaction as it just dug the thorns deeper in.

Erie unkempt gates surrounded by brambles and thorny vines with setting sun in Piedmont, Italy


Oct 092012

On our way to our hotel in Piedmont, Italy, we drive past these columns and knew that we’d be returning to photograph them at some point. As we rushed home from Lake Como, running late due to a lack of understanding how the ferries worked. My family was waiting for us to join them to go to dinner. Taking photos really wasn’t an option. Then, this sunset began to light the sky. Shortly after we realized we were coming up to these columns and decided we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Our tardiness was punished, however, those vines are covered in thorns and once they wrapped around your leg or arm they didn’t want to let go!

Two pillars on a small road in Peidmont, Italy surrounded by brambles under a glorious golden sunset.