Jan 272014

We were making a bit of a mad dash back to Florence for sunset when I stopped to take this picture. Shortly after taking the picture, as we pushed on to Florence, I spotted a deer strolling through the vines of a vineyard near the road. I was shocked, I didn’t even know they had deer in Tuscany. It wasn’t until a half hour after that I realized it probably would have made for a good picture!

A photo of a small village on a hilltop in Tuscany as dusk falls

Jul 142012

The light in Prague when I was there in February really was great. The sun spent most of the day low in the sky so the city was bathed in golden light for a few hours before sunset. This photo was taken from the Charles Bridge and the large building on the left is the Opera House.

View from the Charles Bridge of the Vitava River with the Opera House in Prague.