May 072013

While driving into Chobe National Park, we were gawking at the numerous elephants along the roadside and almost missed this  sight. Luckily, one of my travel buddies spotted it. It’s called a sable antelope and stood motionless in the bushes, just watching us until we moved on.

Sable antelope in the bushes in Chobe national park Botswana

Mar 182013

We spotted this guy on our way to safari in Botswana’s Chobe National Park. We were driving along a paved road prior to turning off onto the dirt tracks we’d spend the next few hours exploring. All of a sudden, the paved road became lined by elephants, munching away, not the least bit bothered by all the cars driving past.

Elephant with white tusks eating in botswana

Feb 092013

Our jeep rumbled down the dirt road towards the river. Then, as we entered the flat lands surrounding the water we saw dozens of giraffe milling about. I really wanted to see one drink. As the truck pulled away I thought I wasn’t going to be that lucky. Then this guy decided to take a sip.

Giraffe drinking in the flat lands next to a river in Chobe National Park, Botswana