Jan 072012

This is another shot from Victoria Falls. We came across this, the Angel’s Armchair, on the way to the Devil’s Pool. During higher water, when you can’t swim in the Devil’s Pool, people swim here. They jump off the rocks to get in. Water would be flowing down into it from above and then tumbling over the edge. In the distance you can see the bridge that joins Zambia and Zimbabwe. The river is the border.

This bridge is a bungee jumping site. When we went rafting we had one solo traveler join us who happened to be in the same hostel. The day after rafting, upon returning from our elephant back safari, we sat down for a beer. Two seconds later the guy we’d been rafting with the day before burst in. Now, this individual was pretty chilled out the day before when facing category five rapids. At this point though, he was jittery and speaking in rapid fire asking if we’d had a good day, what we’d done etc. and not waiting for an answer. He ended this delirious monologue with, “I need a beer. Anyone need a beer? I’m gonna get a beer.”

After he returned from the bar, still sporting his wild eyes and jittery demeanor, we managed to get out of him that he’d just been bungee jumping. He was definitely still buzzing and stayed that way for an hour or so. We left him at the bar to explore the curio market in Livingstone and returned an hour later. He was no longer there. Apparently, he’d hung around for another half hour then suddenly crashed and gone to bed. It was 3 in the afternoon. He reemerged at 10pm. I think he’d had a total adrenaline overload.

Speaking of rafting, if you click this image to go through to my portfolio, then click it again and select the “O” size you’ll be able to zoom in and see a group of people preparing to go rafting from the Zimbabwe side.

View of he Angel's Armchair on the way to Devils Hole at Victoria Falls showing a bridge used for bungee jumping.