Feb 172014

Rome is beautiful, but when you really start to look at your surroundings you realise that everything is rundown… perfectly. I really liked this little alleyway and spent ages standing there waiting for the little gap at the top to turn blue. In the end I gave up and took the photo with white cloud. In the end I don’t think it made that much of a difference.

a pretty alleyway in rome with archway and peeling orange paint




Jan 012014

Happy New Year everyone.

Now that we’re through the holiday season I’ve decided to get back to trying to post a daily photograph. This is a shot I took on my September country hopping week and a half in Europe. I liked the laundry hanging out to dry and the vines in this small street in the beautiful little town of San Gimignano.

I’ll be heading off island again in 10 days for London and Rome, so hopefully will be posting some photos from that trip soon.

A leafy alleyway  with laundry hanging out to dry in San Gimignano, Italy.