May 282012

It’s wake-boarding season again, with the water warming up and wave free days popping up. I decided to bring out my new Canon 7d to give it a test. After all, it was supposed to compliment my 5d mk II by excelling at action shots. I was not disappointed. The 7d’s burst mode sounds like a machine going off in comparison to the 5d mk II. On top of that it’s more complex focusing system, with far more focusing points, make holding focus on a moving target a breeze. To illustrate the action capabilities of the 7d, I decided to upload the best photo of the day, next to a couple falls that were captured brilliantly.

I used one exposure shot in RAW to create this HDR image. As there was so much white in the scene, between the boats’ wakes and the clouds in the background I had to bump up the exposure by one stop to expose Soniko correctly. In post processing I adjusted the RAW photo to provide exposures at -1, +1, and +3. These were then combined in Photomatix and tweaked in Photoshop.

Wakeboarder in the air in Bermuda

  7 Responses to “Soniko Air”

  1. you are going to LOVE the burst mode on your camera!!

  2. How did you make Soniko’s fat look like muscle? Is that a new trick on the camera?

  3. That’s a super fun shot!

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