Oct 212013

This arch seems to be the number one landmark to pop up when searching for Antigua, Guatemala. It’s understandable, its bright orangey-yellow color and placement in front of the Volcán de Agua make it very distinct. It was built to allow cloistered nuns in the convent to reach the school without having to set foot in public. The arch will certainly be instantly recognizable to anyone who’s visited the first capital of Guatemala. Considering that the capital was moved due to the regularity of earthquakes in the area, it’s quite amazing that it’s even still standing.

It seems like in every photo of this arch the photographer has stood a distance away using a telephoto lens to let the volcano loom large in the background. I was determined to do something different with the volcano so I decided to get close to the arch and frame the volcano beneath it. It was pretty overcast the whole time I was there so the volcano was quite obscured. When it did decide to peek out from behind the clouds, this is the shot I managed to get.

Santa Catalina Arch in the evening, Antigua Guatemala

  6 Responses to “Santa Catalina Arch, Antigua Guatemala”

  1. Amazing shot ! I love the contrast and the way you captured the light inside the arch !

  2. Hmm. A stratovolcano- just like Pompei and Krakatoa. Get the wrong chemistry and these are very dangerous.

  3. Lovely photo! Did you notice the tiles on the underside of the roof on the left?

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