Oct 162012

Straight out of Keflavik, Camera Blazing

It seems like a lot of flights to Iceland arrive in the middle of the night. During the long days of summer this means arriving under the midnight sun. As I landed I was desperate to get out of the airport and break out my camera as the sunset lit the sky. Luckily, I was booked into a guesthouse in a picturesque little place called Gardur. There’s two lighthouses there so you can happily fill your first night in Iceland shooting.

Today’s Photo: Approaching the old Lighthouse, Gardur

As I approached this lighthouse I didn’t expect that we’d actually be able to go up to the top  of it. Then, my travel buddy disappeared through the open door. Climbing to the top was pretty tricky with my camera, backpack and tripod. It’s a series of ladders with little openings in each floor to climb through. There’s some strange art installations inside as well. All in all, it was pretty creepy.

Red and white Gardur Lighthouse with long straight road leading to it along rocky coast with midnight sun in background in Iceland

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  1. great shot.

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