Sep 192013

The drive to Walvis Bay to the dunes at Sossusvlei is pretty barren. It’s mainly a long flat road, not suited to the vehicle we were in. We bounced along at half the speed limit as giant overland trucks sped past us. Still, it was an exciting drive. Every now and again, dotted across the landscape we’d spot flocks of ostrich strolling about. This group corresponded with a driver change 2 hours into the drive.

Ostiches in the desert in Namibia with a mountain in the background


  2 Responses to “Ostriches in Namibia”

  1. hey MIkey – that is deep!
    (my comments,,, not so much.. 🙂 )
    I just like the ostriches in the golden grass which weirdly look painted to me and the lone tree in the far distance. lots of nice texture in this photo JP… I like

  2. You are an enigma. One moment I’m in Amsterdam, water everywhere, next it’s the arid portion of a continent in stress. The greatness of this image is its humbling of the tiny occupants of our space. Hey, and I’m a fan of Big Bird. Composition. You make it its own essay JP.

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