Jan 042016

The Champa Hindu temples called My Son are a day trip from Hoi An. We went on an organised tour but wished we’d just rented a motorcycle and found our own way there.

There was one strange moment when we were close to the temples where they made us all get off the bus to follow it across what appeared to be a perfectly sturdy modern bridge. On the way out, they didn’t make us get off at all. It was odd.

It didn’t take me long to wander away from the tour group. Most of the site was damaged by American bombing in the Vietnam war. You could see the craters from bomb blasts all around. I was pretty happy when I found this guy still intact.

temple ruin at my son with gargoyle like sculpture in center of the picture


  2 Responses to “My Son, Vietnam”

  1. Setting aside the initial shock of your email link entitled, “My Son Vietnam”, I overcame my geographic ignorance to recognise our cultural blindness to Asian civilisation that was well advanced before the “European-Western era”. India and China had been trading for centuries BC before the Europeans claimed the cultural high ground. I had no idea Hinduism spread as well. Still, Karma has ensured the peace of this place remains intact inspite of imperialistic attempts to the contrary.

  2. That’s a beautiful shot !

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