Jan 012015

Happy New Year everyone. So, last year’s attempt to post a photo every day fell flat about half way through. I didn’t do a lot of traveling in early 2014, and when I did it was because I got to go to the World Cup in Brazil. There was too much distraction at that time for me to take a lot of pictures!

In November I finally got to set foot in Asia with a three week holiday in Vietnam. I now have a fairly sizable stock of photos to show you!

This first one is of Hoi An, an ancient trading port on Vietnam’s coast, known for the abundance of tailors and original French colonial architecture.

Night time photo of Hoi An, Vietnam with lights reflecting in the water and women on boats.


  4 Responses to “I’m Back!!”

  1. Absolutely beautiful photo ! Such incredible light .
    So glad you’re back ,

  2. Nice Shot Johnny- glad to see you back with more photos. I have to admit it doesn’t look at all like what I expected Viet Nam to look like – the thing that gives it away is the hat on the fisherman and I guess the lady on the boat….. the water is not as nice as Bermuda (of course) but the whole area looks cleaner than what I had expected.. look forward to next photos and experiences…

  3. I love the quality of the reflection of the lights against the water. The water definitely is not as pretty as Bermuda. Glad to see you back and thanks for sharing your experiences.

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