Nov 132012

After teetering on the edge of collapsing into the river along with my camera gear and my travel buddy (aka my umbrella holder), I scrambled back onto the bank and decided to further my attempt to fall in by crossing the rope barrier to get a closer look at the incredible Svartifoss.

It was raining and gloomy. We’d walked for about an hour to get here, but when we arrived, we forgot about how cold, damp and miserable the hike had been. This waterfall is beautiful. I’d decided I wanted to capture the thin veil of water that tumbled onto the jagged rocks at its base. I was able to climb an outcrop and set my camera up with tripod on the lowest level, to snap this shot.

I tried processing this through Photomatix as I normally do to produce HDR images but eventually decided it wasn’t necessary. I just used one exposure and tweaked the contrast and saturation in Photoshop then boosted the detail a bit using Topaz Adjust.

Thin veil of water tumbling on to the jagged rocks covered in green moss landing in a pool of water at the base of Svartifoss waterfall in Skaftafel, Iceland

  2 Responses to “Getting to the Bottom of Svartifoss, Iceland”

  1. like this one too – the waterfalls make a frame for that one bolder – very nice

  2. Really gorgeous!

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