Jun 092012

“I don’t Photograph People”

I’ve said that a lot in the past it’s true, I don’t normally take photos of people. It’s just never really come naturally to me and I don’t find it as interesting as setting out on foot to find that incredible vista for a landscape shot. I’ve always been more into landscapes, really only taking photos of people who ask me or candid shots. However, people clearly fit into the genre of travel photography. Some would say they are one of the main subjects. This has resulted in me gaining an interest in photographing people. Still, I’ve stuck mainly to candid shots, people doing things or people as part of a landscape. I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to take photos of people posing. Then along came today’s photo.

Today’s Photo: Cousins

If you’ve been following this site for a while you’ve seen my previous post, Three Generations, and may recognise the kids in the photo below. After I’d taken that photo I let my camera hang to my side, on my BlackRapid strap (awesome by the way). Little did I know, my camera was on and the photo I’d just taken was on display. The kids started craning their necks to get a look at their photo, so I held it up and pointed to the photo. Their faces lit up and I got ready to take another photo. They all started moving towards me and jostling for position. After motioning for them to stop I took a quick photo as I didn’t want a load of cheesy grins. As a result I got some very unique and interesting expressions. Right down to the boy in the back who had clearly already lost interest!

So, normally I find posed pictures of people boring, but I’m quite pleased with this one. What do you think, is this photo interesting enough to be featured as my photo of the day? Let me know in the comments, I read them all.

Candid photo of village children in front of a round straw roofed hut in Zambia

Something Interesting: Amazing Pics, Highlighting only the best photographs

When you see a site called Amazing Pics you click on it with a degree of doubt, especially when it claims to feature only the best photographs. Typically it’s full of very good pictures, but the quality varies and you’ve really got to wonder if they really are the best. Whoever is making the selections for this site is definitely maintaining a uniquely high standard and the photos featured here are absolutely incredible. I hope one day to take my photography to a level where my photos could be featured alongside these.

You can help me out by clicking this link… a lot! That way the selector may take note of my site and keep an eye out for when I do achieve something truly amazing!

Here it is: http://mostamazingpics.com/

I know I’m sending you to another daily photo site. It’s okay, I can handle you seeing other people. Just don’t forget about Traverse Earth!

  3 Responses to “Cousins, Lower Zambezi, Zambia”

  1. use it! I hope you let the little dude with the backpack on use the bathroom after you took the photo…did they have to pose for a long time to get the shot? :)

  2. I did say in a post a few days ago that you have a knack for photographing people. It may not be your favourite but you are good at it. Look at everyones face! The little girl in the left hand corner is just gorgeous! The tiny little guy in the middle is very cute and I also like the young man in the right hand corner.

    Although the photo isn’t as ‘picturesque’ as your landscape ones, I certainly enjoy seeing the people from your travels.

    • I did actually plan on mentioning your comment from the other day in this post. When i was scrolling through trying to find a photo to work up I though the faces captured here were nice so decided to use it.

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