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I’ve moved onto a new, larger external hard drive for storing my photographs. So, I went through all the photos I had left to process and moved them over to the new one prior to flying out to Africa. I was sure I’d processed all the Prague photos I was going to process but decided to take a look anyway. Then, I found this one. It won’t have made the cut originally because I was focused on trying to capture Prague with minimal people. Upon looking at this photo again, I decided I kind of liked it. The sky is beautiful and it doesn’t look so crowded as to be uncomfortable (which it can be sometimes). So, I thought it might be nice to show just how lively Prague actually is.

Charles Bridge in Prague looking lively with people and vendors on a beautiful blue sky day.

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  1. I adore Prague and have been twice. On each occasion I failed to get a clear shot of Charles Bridge.

    The first time was early in the morning and believe it or not the bridge was almost deserted but there was a model photo shoot taking place. I think I took some great pictures. However this was the time of film as opposed to digital cameras and I think my films were ruined by the camera or some electronics. A month’s worth of travel photos ruined.

    The second time I went was March one year. I got up early and arrived at a near deserted bridge. It was chucking down with rain though and I failed to get the photo just as I wanted.

    • Must be horrible to lose a month’s worth of photos!!

      I engaged in a bit of trickery to get clear shots of Charle’s Bridge. I went down early when there were few people and use patience, but it’s still very unlikely you’ll get a clear shot! So, I took a lot of the same compositions and made sure that by combining them all in photoshop I would be able to mask out the people.

  2. thought I recognized this bridge – nice but I still like the other one without peeps
    if you are there again I would like to see a photo of the statue’s faces taken from below but only if you have a great sky background – at least that is what I am thinking looking at this photo

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