Oct 032012

I’ve written about this bridge before (Rickety Bridge, Iceland), but I wanted to show you this view because it raises a couple of questions:

Question 1: It looks pretty old and rickety, is it safe?

Answer 1: Yes, I crossed it a couple of times. I wasn’t thrilled about having to go across it the first time but an error that resulted in my bag staying in frame for the photo posted previously meant I had to nervously tip-toe back and forth an extra time.

Question 2: Why is there a bridge here?

Answer 2 (kind of): I have no idea. The volcano is a long way off, you certainly wouldn’t want to walk it. On top of that, there’s no path on the other side. It appeared to be an island in the middle of the river with nothing but overgrown brush covering it. I doubt the bridge was built for no reason, so it must be a bridge to somewhere, but where? It makes me wonder if the scene takes some completely different appearance in another season.

Is it farmed at some point?

Does it turn into a carpet of wild flowers?

Could it be a great place to watch birds?

Who knows?

I don’t.

Rickety wooden bridge over water with yellow flowers lining the shore with fields and cloudy sky in the distance in Myvatn, Iceland

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  1. This shot is really neat. I love the dimensions.

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