Apr 282012

Sorry I didn’t get a photo up yesterday. Went out for lunch with my co-workers and it turned into a long lunch… a very long lunch. We actually wound up having dinner together and I didn’t get home until about 11:00. Knowing that I had to get up early today to head out on Paradise 1 for a full day of fishing I was completely focused on getting into bed.

As a bonus, getting up at sunrise allowed for a couple photo opportunities as we made our way off shore. It wasn’t the best day of fishing ever, but we didn’t come back empty-handed. Some people got bigger fish than others, though. Paradise 1 is a great fishing boat though. It’s massive, and really comfortable. It’s also really stable, though that didn’t prevent one of the group getting seasick.

Bow of the fishing boat Paradise 1 showing channel markers and beware of turtles sign in Bermuda's turquoise waters.


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